How To Lose Weight With The Help Of The Law Of Attraction

When you look at your reflection in the mirror, are you satisfied with that thing that you see? Or you think that the figure you’re looking at can be a bit smaller? If you are wondering is it possible to change your body without work-out and dieting, the answer is yes. You can do it with the help of the Law of Attraction methods and techniques.

Why some people are thin and some are fat? It depends on the state of mind of the people and the persons view on food. We all know some people who eat a lot of food, who eat a lot of unhealthy, junk food as we call it, but, they can not get fat. And when you just listen to the things these people say, you will understand everything. They’re all the time saying things such as: “For me, it is impossible to gain weight.” “I eat a lot of food, but nothing changes on my body, I stay the same.” I ate four burgers and a large french fries today, and look at my body, its like I only had a glass of lemonade for lunch!. Pay attention to these sentences. On the other hand, you have people who eat a minimum dose of food, and you can see on their body everything that they ate. Listen to the things these people say. They say things like: “For me, it is enough to look at the piece of cake, and I will get a pound. “. “I drink a glass of lemonade and even that makes me fat.”. What can you conclude from this- the food affects you in the way you think of her.

Change the perception of food, but not so rapidly because you will get a contra effect. You still have deep beliefs about food in your mind. These beliefs have to be changed if you want to change your body appearance-if you want to lose weight.

Many people, when they start working on their body, with the help of the Law
of Attraction, say: “Now I can eat whatever I want and I will be skinny”. And then they continue to eat everything that they want to eat and they start gaining weight even more. Do you know why that happens? That happens just because you have deep convictions. You didn’t gain your weight overnight, you cant lose it overnight.

Advice that can be of use is for you to try at least to test the following thing. Try gradually to assure yourself that lemonade can make you skinny. So, whenever you drink the lemonade, be grateful and say to yourself: “Thank you, thank you” and just imagine how this same glass of lemonade washes all the toxins from your body, everything gathered in your body that has no use for you. So, start doing at least one process that helps, a process that will eventually become a ritual for you. This is a combination of affirmation and visualization that can be very helpful.

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