Average Cost Of A Wedding In San Francisco

Love is priceless, but the wedding ceremonies that seal it, not always. A good city to be creative with a given wedding budget is San Francisco. With an average wedding cost of $40,000 (according to the popular wedding publication The Knot) it’s a few thousands more than national average, but still relatively cheaper compared to other cities like Los Angeles and Manhattan.

Factors Affecting the Cost of a Wedding in San Francisco

There are various ingredients at play that make up wedding cost. Spending depends on which elements one wants to give priority to (hint: hiring a professional wedding photographer in San Francisco who is capable of taking wonderful photos should be at the very top of your list) and whether one wants the wedding planning to be as hassle-free as possible or to give a touch of DIY to the celebration.

Wedding venue is a sure priority for any bride, and usually comes with offers of various packages covering different range of wedding essentials. San Francisco weddings cost is to a great extent affected by the profile of the venue you choose.

Of course, an important factor is the size of the wedding, which again takes us back to the venue. A small wedding that only involves a few family members and selected friends will cost relatively cheaper. This is because the cost of catering, foods, the venue and just about anything else will be much lower than when the number of attendants was higher.

Average Cost Of A Wedding In San Francisco By Different Venues

An affordable, 150 guest wedding package in Redwood Canyon, one of the sought-after venues in San Francisco, can range from $8,400 (inclusive of dinner, champagne toast, DJ and host, invitations and accessories) to $18,900 (including floral centerpieces, hotel accommodation for the couple, as well as personalized wedding cake, hosted bar, ministry services, coordination services, photobooth â which may also serve as souvenir for guests, special lighting and decoration upgrades).

In the elegant and historically significant The Sir Francis Drake Hotel, wedding package for the traditional-at-heart can start from $18,000 for 150 guests. The architectural gem Julia Morgan Boardroom, which is a choice among stylish, sophisticated brides, package for the same number of guests is around $31,500.

For couples with a much bigger number of guests to accommodate, and an inclination towards rooftop views, lightings and audiovisual advantages, The Pearl Events Space in San Franciscoâs most culturally rich neighborhood can seat up to 500 to 700 well-wishers. This wedding package costs around $40,500.

Wedding gown and bridesmaids dresses as well as groom and groomsmens outfits, professional hair and make-up, engagement and wedding rings, photo and video services, tokens for guests, etc., these are also the elements that any couple would factor-in for a San Francisco wedding, which could call for cash or creativity.