When To Suspect Your Partner Is Cheating

Remember the time when you first got together and you both were crazy about each other? At the beginning of the relationship there were the romantic dates, seduction, playfulness, dressing up to look hot for your partner, probably more attention to personal grooming, long talks, lots of sex and you viewed your partner as perfect. Aaahhh the honeymoon period.

Typically in most relationships the honeymoon period lasts for about 90 days then you start seeing each other’s faults and annoying habits, they start to get on your nerves, now the things you thought were once so cute and adorable are now things that bother you. Routine sets in, date nights are more casual, less effort goes into looking nice, arguments start to happen, you want your partner to start changing to fit what works for you.

Its a natural cycle that all relationships go through. As a matter of fact it is how everything in life cycles. Stock markets expand and contract, real estate prices expand and contract, the economy expands and contracts, the ocean tides expand and contract, the cranial fluid in our brain expands and contracts. It is the breath of life and everything goes through these cycles.

Most couples don’t make it through the first contraction phase and end after 90 days. Even if you were lucky enough or committed enough to make it through the first contraction phase over time you may find yourself stuck in another contraction phase in the relationship.

Although this doesn’t automatically mean you have a cheating partner, if your partner doesn’t seem interested in you anymore but he or she is stepping up their game and dressing nicer than usual that would be a major red flag.

If they are more guarded with their phone and don’t want you looking at their texts or emails that is another sign. If there is nothing to hide then they wouldn’t be worried about anything being read.

Some other things to look for are unexplained receipts, spending more time at work and more frequent business trips to name a few.

If you suspect your partner is cheating on you there are several ways to find out for sure. One of the most popular methods is installing a GPS tracker. Another method that is starting to gain popularity is infidelity DNA testing where you would send in items you suspect may have another persons DNA on them and you find out for certain. Ultimately on your gut level you just know and these other methods are simply confirmation.